Your gift to Zeeland Christian School will be DOUBLED if you give by December 31!

This year-end there is a $75,000 match in place to help fully fund tuition-assistance. Your gift towards tuition assistance will automatically double in value.

One Zeeland Christian family’s story demonstrates how important your help is:

“We are a family with 5 children, two adopted and three biological. The first time we were blessed by tuition assistance was when I had a severe concussion 4 years ago. It put me out of work and on short-term disability for several months.

Most recently, following medical advice, I was laid off from my full-time position due to continued effects from the concussion. It was deemed that in order for me to heal, I would not be able to go back to work full-time.”

Would you give a gift this year end to help a family like this? A gift of $100, $200, or $500 makes a huge difference for a family facing a financial shortfall. And this year-end a few donors have stepped up to match every dollar given to tuition assistance.

Situations change so fast. One month you’re paying the bills just fine and the next month the burden is overwhelming.

There are families who, even after making sacrifices, need more help to make Christian Education possible. We need your help to make Zeeland Christian possible for these families. Until Dec. 31, your gift will be doubled and have twice the impact it normally would. Please give today.

On average, families who receive tuition assistance qualify for just under $5,000. If that went away, so would Christian education for their children. Will you step in and help make sure that doesn't happen? 

You can give by mailing a check made out to Zeeland Christian School to 334 W Central Ave., Zeeland, MI 49464 or give online by clicking here or the donation button on this page.

Parents who are seeking Christ-centered education are desiring to have the Christian foundation they are obediently laying at home be built upon at school as well. Sometimes the money for tuition just isn’t there. You can step in and fill that need.


Tim McAboy

Head of School


ps...Every gift to Tuition Assistance this year-end up will be matched up to $75,000. A gift of $100 becomes a $200 and a gift of $500 becomes $1000. Your help is needed to capture all of this match and provide financial assistance for a ZCS family.


Give by Dec. 31 and your gift will be doubled!